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How Media Affects Communication

Videophone 1969, source: Since the early days of radio broadcasts, communication models have adapted the media as a primary parameter. Knowing “WHO says WHAT to WHOM with WHAT effect” might not be enough to establish efficient communication. Adding mediation to the equation can enhance the user experience, reduce the distance (and possible noise) and improve the chances of achieving the wanted response/ effect.
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The simple guide to responsive websites

Responsivt webdesign

A website is not a medium in a fixed size format. Your visitors could be viewing your site on a small handheld device or a big desktop screen. Learn how to make your layouts responsive to provide a good user experience on all devices.

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How to Optimize Images for Web

optimize images for web

Optimizing your images is important. Large image files have a considerable impact on the load time of your pages. Fortunately there are several techniques to optimize your images and successfully reduce the file size without any apparent difference.

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The Historical Style Reference for Web Designers

Modernism vs. Postmodernism

When you are using graphic elements to enhance accessibility and readability you are designing on a functional level. Next step is to improve the emotional experience of the design. You might be choosing imagery, an emotional colour scheme and decorative elements. Now you are working on the aesthetic layer. But maybe you shouldn't... Why? Because the functional layer, itself, does possess aesthetic qualities.

Congratulations you've just been introduced to two of the major directions in Modernist thinking: Rationalism and Minimalism.

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10 Tips to mark-up your HTML content

Well formatted HTML is probably one of the best supported digital media in the world but marking up your content takes a bit of consideration. Here is 10 tips that will improve accessibility, SEO and presentation of your content.

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