Resources and code snippets for web designs

Tileable Texture Pack

"Tileable" or "seamless" textures like these optimizes your digital productions because of their minimal file size, the images are between 200 and 512 pixels on each axis and can be repeated to any screen size,

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Shaded 3D Icon Pack - Animated UI Elements

Shaded 3D Icons The Shaded 3d Icon Pack contains 36 PNG-files with transparent background. Each file has a normal - and a hover-state. The Icons are modeled in 3D in high resolution. The package also contains HTML and CSS source code. How does it work? The animation of the icons is done with CSS only and is supported in all modern browsers. Each icon is an image file, 200 pixels wide, with two icons side by side. The image file gets assigned as background-image property on the different elements with CSS. Each element gets a width with the value 100px assigned and show as a result only the first part of the image (the "normal-state"). For the elements hover-state is assigned a background-position property with the value "right" that will make the image move on mouse-over and instead reveal the second part of the image.

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Free HTML5 Audio Player

Audio Player Mp3/OGG player for web pages. Native JavaScript and HTML5 in responsive layout. easy to implement. Just add normal links to audio files in your html markup. The files are automatically added to the playlist. Direct link fallback for older browsers.

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