Web design and the deco pitfall

One of the most common mistakes web designers make is to trust their artistic instincts. Design is not art, but has everything to do with it.

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Remediation and communication

Videophone 1969, source:

"Who says what to whom with what effect" is the doctrine in classic communication models. But what is the role of the medium itself, and how can the different media influence the communication process

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The historical style reference for web designers

Modernism vs Post modernism

When a product designer decides to add a handle to a coffee cup it is a functional feature. If the designer chooses that the cup should be black it is an aesthetic quality. But with the modern art movements of the 20th century, fuctional design became an aesthetic quality in itself. Read how modern and postmodern movements and isms of have influenced todays UI - and web design.

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How to optimize images for webbrowsers

Optimize images for web

The essential guide to image optimization for web pages. Learn the pros and cons of different image formats and get tips on how to reduce your images filesizes.

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Improve your HTML mark-up

HTML markup tips

Well formatted HTML is definitely among the best supported digital media in the world but marking up your content takes a bit of consideration. Here is 10 tips that will improve accessibility, SEO and presentation of your content.

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Amazing free graphic design applications


PhotoShop and Illustrator are more or less industry standard in modern graphic design, but these programs are also expensive. Fortunately there are plenty of free alternatives. Here is a list of some of the best.

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